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At ODoM we recognize movement as a key element of life and to optimize movement there are three very important components of the body that need to be addressed; tissue, motion and force. Concepts, techniques and applications created by ODoM such as Fascial Freeing, Fascial Mobilizers and Play fused with Specific Movement Patterns organically permit these three components to play their roles successfully.

Fascial Mobilizers

Application of cutting edge information

This covers the fundamentals and application of fascial mobilization. Very distinct from active stretching, mobilization enhances the rhythm and timing and force mitigation of the body.

Learn the necessary;

  • Principles
  • Terminology
  • Application: Ankle / Posterior Hip / Thoracic
  • Regressions and Progressions
  • Program design

Empowering people to regain responsibility for their movement with intelligent motion.

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