Face to Face Mentoring


The mentorships are one of the most incredible experiences in the industry today.
3 days of learning and growing along side IAN O’DWYER owner and director of:

  • OD on Movement; 550 international workshops & DVD Series
  • OD on Movement; Performance Centre, Noosa Heads. Qld
  • Co-Founder & Faculty of PTA Global; global advanced education website
  • Co-Founder of SOMA; regenerative health solutions

Ian is regarded worldwide as the Coach's coach. His common sense approach and unique understanding of movement and the power of play has enabled him to transform current research and science into easy to use efficient and effective movements; this has helped countless coaches globally “enhance” their clients!

Basic Overview 

Groups are deliberately kept to small sizes so that each and every mentoree gets quality time with the mentor.
We explore key components of application:

  • Motivation & Values; understanding the “WHY” behind what we do.
  • Movement Principles; the guiding anchors of movement
  • Tissue; seven important tissues and strategies to enhance quality of life. 
  • Motion; efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Force; everyday and sports specificity challenges/performance.
  • Breathing, Play, Business; three critical components necessary for successful coaching
  • Practicing Your Craft; applying and observing real time outcomes.

Each day involves advanced theory and hands on training, as well as a truly unique opportunity to get the answers YOU need in an unparalleled world class environment. Based in beautiful Noosa Heads, you will eat, learn, train and play with Ian. At the completion of this event you will have the potential to be a leading coach, creating success for all that you work with.

We look forward to seeing, sharing and evolving with you at this great experience.


Workshop Content

The following topics below will be covered in theory and also practical. 
Each day will conclude with a practical session either in the studio or at an outdoor location, enabling all attendees to apply all information from that day.

Motivation and Values
It is necessary to understand the "why" of what we do to create financial sustainability and longevity in this occupation. What drives us Personally, Emotionally and in Business needs to be identified as well as recognising your values. It sounds simple however the majority of coaches in the wellness industry certainly don't have clarity in these areas.

Movement Principles
To achieve sustainable outcomes for clients it is imperative to understand the guiding principles of movement. These principles are the constants of the OD on Movement philosophy that have been collected through research, application and experience. The principles enable coaches to empower clients consistently through experiencing the strategy and feeling the outcomes.


We look at the seven tissues of the body that play a huge roll in quality of life. The traditional view is based around nerve, muscle and bone. We will expand this view, incorporating a major player like connective tissue but also other components that play major roles in heathy and effective movement. We will then experience how we can instantly change these tissues to permit clients to move and feel better.


Intensity, innovation, challenge and interaction all whilst having FUN. We investigate how clients regain enjoyment in their training session helping to achieve better results in all aspects of their lives. Understanding the body better allows us to implement specific drills into sessions, enhancing the client’s enjoyment of exercise and improving their performance. Neuroscience shows that enjoyment decreases stress in the body & brain; come and experience specific challenges that will test you physically, mentally and emotionally.


Here you will feel, touch and taste the 5 components of motion necessary to create “instant change” in the tissues. Implementing specific movements allowing the major complexes (ankle, hip, thorax) of the body to “communicate” better to the brain; rediscovering optimal motion. Whether you train or coach chronic, sedentary, active or elite clients understanding motion is a essential.


Breathing, Play, Business
This is where the attendees, after discussion, get to choose if they would like to delve deeper into two of these subjects. All three are necessary topics however dependant upon where you are after the first two days the most appropriate two will be chosen. Massively important and powerful for any successful Trainer or Coach.

Practicing Your Craft 
This is the culmination of the three days, joining the dots and applying the information that has been shared. This is where serious changes occur physically, mentally and emotionally. Coaching goes to a whole new level with a greater understanding of how we can better serve the client whilst empowering them to regain control of their quality of life. To see and feel instant change is truly a life changing experience.