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If your goal is to perform better in sport, work, home or life, if you would like to feel and move better through enjoyable challenges, if you would like to play with your kids without the risk of damaging yourself or if you would like to have a better quality of life, then OD on Movement can help you!


Our 1 on 1 sessions are focused in helping you achieve your goal.
Helping you move the way you have always wanted to move or helping you feel younger and free, we can help you lose a few kilos or perform at your best.
After years of experience our system is designed to be adaptable to meet you where you are, to help us guide you on the way to get you to your goal.


Our group sessions are about movement, challenge and fun.
OD on Movement coaches are renowned for leadership in human movement and we can guide you through various movements that will challenge each participant.
If you want to be challenged with something new every session, love to laugh and have fun while you sweat then try our group sessions.

Join a 45 minute group session or do you have a group of friends and want to all train together? Contact Simone to set up your very own small group sessions! 

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The power of movement to improve health, productivity and work engagement are well known. If you’re interested in a brain-stimulating break out session or you want to integrate OD on Movement sessions into your corporate health program, discuss your options with us.


With the sports world integrating health and wellbeing into an athletes program, it is more important than ever to move well, think well, eat well and drink well to reach the peak of your sports performance. OD on Movement can help with education of your teams, empowerment of your athletes to better their own performance and get back to enjoying the sport they love.