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SINCE 1997

Noosa's Original Personal Training Studio

We guide clients to optimal performance, identifying positive mindset and movement patterns.

Coaching the human being, not the human body.


Sessions are bespoke to match each client. ODOM use innovative and effective movement and tools to create the best experience possible for each individual.

Sessions are by appointment only and range from 1 on 1 to small group training; our focus includes everything from regeneration to performance.


ODOM applies a “zoom out” approach when it comes to education in the health and fitness industry. Looking at the human being not the human body; understanding that environmental stresses have a huge effect on our tissue health.

ODOM creates solutions for Trainers, Coaches, Allied Health Professionals and Clients striving for optimal QOL.

Online Programs

Effective and practical programming that can help you regain responsibility for your own wellbeing.

If you want to move, feel and live better, these programs will empower you to achieve your goal.

They can used individually or incorporated into existing programs.

Our Philosophy

The ODOM philosophy is based on connection and humility.

Connection of the coach and the client but also the client and the client. Humility asking the client’s body (using simple challenges) what it requires to feel and move better.

Our Founder

Ian O’Dwyer (OD) is driven to discover optimal solutions for professionals and end users in life.

Over 30yrs of experience and knowledge in reconditioning and sports performance has equipped OD with unique perspectives, allowing him to successfully create positive outcomes consistently.


Colleagues and clients that have experienced OD on Movement either through coaching, performance or education.

Their feedback on how it helped them in their journey and why it may help you.

OD on Movement Performance Centre

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