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Pris & Nath Flynn

Nathan & Priscilla are two great Movement Practitioners based in Melbourne, who have attended and applied the principles of the ODOM Mentorship. Here are their thoughts on their experiences and outcomes.

Andrew "Chaddy" Chadwick

Chaddy is and has been a Master Trainer and Coach for many iconic organisations in the fitness industry. Here he shares his take aways from the ODOM Mentorship and how it has enhanced his process.

Ross Buckley

Ross had many challenges in his journey, he explains the influence ODOM has had on his quality of life.

Lee Hamilton

Lee is a successful Movement Practitioner in Melbourne here she talks about the ODOM Mentorship and how it has enhanced her business and coaching.

Kylianne Turton

KA speaks about how the ODOM mentorship and on line mentoring has helped her to evolve and become a more effective coach.

Ashton Bishop

Ashton with a few words on his journey and how ODOM has empowered him.

Andrew King, Wanaka NZ

A few words from Andrew about the outcomes of face to face mentoring with he and his coaches in Wanaka NZ.

John Polley

Here are some thoughts from JP on the OD on Movement Mentorship experience and his outcomes since attending.

Scott Hopson

Scott has worked with industry leaders Power Plate, EXOS, Gray Institute and is a founder of Pivotal Coaching. Scott’s experience and knowledge is second to none in sports performance and conditioning specificity.

Michol Dalcourt

Michol is an inventor, mentor and industry innovator. Founder of IOM and ViPR, Michol has created a new perspective in health coaching around the world.

Rod Corn

Co-founder of PTA Global and SOMA, Rod was head of education with NASM and has been an industry leader for over 25 years.

Bobby Cappuccio

Bobby is a leader in coaching and human behavioural change. He has worked with industry greats and companies like NASM, PTA Global and IOM.

Brantley Hawkins

Brantley has worked with many leading athletes and one of the industry best practitioner, Chuck Wolf, here he talks about what he experienced in the three days of the ODOM Mentorship in beautiful Noosa Heads.

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