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At OD on Movement, we recognise movement is a key element of life and optimising three significant components of the body is required: Tissue, Motion, Force.

As an end user, this is essential as it minimises confusion and enable choice of more intelligent movement.

If we understand what the tissues are and their roles, what they require to be healthy and how they function under stress, successful outcomes are achievable.

Concepts & Innovations

Fascial Mobilizers

Fascial Mobilizers are very different from traditional stretching. Fascial Mobilizers are whole body, rhythmical movements that encourage mobility and stability of tissues through mimicking everyday actions.

Whether you are an elite athlete, active parent, busy corporate, tradesman with niggles, chasing your grand kids or want to improve your “quality of life”, these powerful movements are for you!

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OFR/Fascial Freeing

Fascial Freeing is an innovative and effective ODOM technique that enables instant change to various tissues using diverse tools like tennis balls, base-balls and rollers.

Fascial Freeing is an integrative approach to enable the body to move and feel better; application of this technique can enhance movement, increase circulation and lymphatic flow, whilst also improving communication to the brain.


Getting people to move should be an enjoyable experience even if the tasks are difficult or challenging.

Neuroscience research now shows the benefit of encouraging more play in our programs to decrease stress. Play increases enjoyment BUT more importantly it conditions the body and brain to perform and function optimally in daily living, allowing us to live the quality of life we deserve.

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