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Ian O’Dwyer (ODOM) has teamed up with long-time friend and colleague Rodney Corn to founder SOMA. Through many of our discussions and observations of what our industry requires for sustainability, we have designed a 3 Level approach to creating a SOMA Practitioner.

SOMA is a self-care, tissue-management process you practically apply on yourself, members of your facility, your clients, or anyone else, to help them move, feel, and live better.

SOMA stands for Self Osteo Myofascial Applications and is unique and effective way to empower Trainers, Coaches and Clients to move, feel and live better.

Our 3 Level Approach:
  • Level 1 Awareness and Technique.
  • Level 2 Programming and Observation
  • Level 3 Integration and Coaching
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SOMA is a unique blending of movement philosophies to engage a person in a manner that empowers them to MOVE FEEL LIVE better.

SOMA is a fresh approach to enhancing the quality and performance of nerve, muscle, bone, and fascia tissues through hydration, mobilization, and activation techniques that allow for more effective communication between the body and brains!

SOMA is an holistic client-centered methodology for promoting regenerative health. Regenerative Health is about reestablishing an internal state of balance.

SOMA accomplishes this through the use of self-applied applications that include:

  • Self Osteofascial Engagement (SOE)
  • Self Fascial Mobilisers (SFM)
  • Self Myofascial Engagement (SME)
  • Self Isometric Activatrion (SIA)

Each application is used to help regenerate tissue health. This provides better movement recovery to allow you to train smarter.

SOMA will empower you as a Sport, Fitness, and Health Professional?with additional practical skill-sets to provide a refreshing and personalised enhancement to your business.

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