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ODOM has identified categories of the wellness industry that are deficient in solutions and outcomes for business owners, coaches (dogs and horses have trainers) and clients.

Observation and feedback from the industry globally has verified that more support is required to develop sustainable business and successful lifestyles.

If you are one of these that would like to optimize time, have more choice and have more financial freedom; then this may well be for you.

There are three levels of support that ODOM provides, from the curious to the serious and the industry leader.

ODOM has successfully and consistently developed solutions through applications for businesses, coaches and clients for over 20 years and is keen to share these with passionate, innovative and authentic owners, coaches and clients.

If your goal is to go from good to great in the coaching field, to identify and implement successful business strategies for a more sustainable business or to become a great facilitator for the other coaches, then this program will guide you through the necessary processes.

If you would like to know more after reading on please contact us for the specifics and cost to participate.

Level One

This package is for the curious Coach; unsure of what their business direction or potential is.

Focused around business growth and identifying areas for development, this package assists the Coach in practicing the ODOM philosophy through consistent contact and review.

It will create a clearer understanding of where they are currently and the type of support their business requires; identifying skills and/or tools needing attention.


  • Improve coaches communication and application skills
  • Enhance outcomes for clients through ODOM techniques
  • Enrich leadership skills
  • Develop awareness of business opportunities
  • Access to cutting edge information/applications
  • Further identify potential income streams

Level Two

Level 2 focuses on the Coach whom is serious about building and evolving their business and themselves; developing a financially successful profession versus an average paid job.

Increased contact time combined with time alongside ODOM founder in his own environment creates the optimal opportunity to learn and develop.

This package prepares the Coach to recognise alternative income streams, evolve themselves as leaders and optimise a better quality of life.


  • Enhanced decision making process
  • Increased profile through association with ODOM website
  • Access to successful coaching & training philosophies
  • Strategies/applications to increase business profits.
  • Opportunity to develop greater leadership within their business

Level Three

Level 3 is for the Coach whom is looking to not only build a successful business but also develop an incredible team of coaches around them.

Level 3 enables the Coach to discover and derive various income streams through genuine Leadership in the industry.

If facilitating workshops is also a passion this level will successfully prepare them for that.


  • Level 1 & 2 combined
  • Coaching techniques and communication
  • Presenting skills for workshops
  • Appraising coaches and clients
  • Business development, access to our systems and implementation of them
  • Relationships through the ODOM network of global leaders.
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