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Knee Introduction

Knees are locations that can be frustrating, as we get further into our journey of life. They can give a feeling of stiffness, grating, discomfort or weakness and are quite often blamed for many things they are not responsible for. They are dependent heavily upon how well the hip and the ankle communicate to each other.

This program will feed the ankle and hip movements necessary to function optimally from the ground up and top down; the ankle complex is the first entry of ground force in the upright position (gait). If the ankle complex is limited in its capacity to share force throughout the body, the knee is next in line to have to deal with it. Combined with a hip complex that is potentially glued up from occupational hazards or dehydration and restricted in motion, it is now obvious why the knee may be left to take the ?wrap?.

The program comprises 5 sections, you can choose an exercise/s from any section and incorporate it into your existing program or purely use it as a default exercise to help you move and feel better.? Alternatively you can use the entire program as a workout, which will enhance your goal and capacity to move and feel better.

  1. Fascial Freeing (A process that unglues stuck tissues)
  2. Facial Mobilizers (Subtle, rhythmical motion that improves movement)
  3. Strength (Movements that mimic the challenges of life)
  4. Drills (Challenges reconditioning the body for force)
  5. Games. (Emotional and Mental re-set)

OD on Movement recommends consulting an Allied Health Practitioner (of the clients choice) prior to starting any program when; intense pain exists, prior?trauma to the region has been acknowledged or client doubt is present.

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