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Movement Preparation (Warm-Up)

Tissue Enhancement Set/Time Movement Enhancement CHOOSE TWO
Mobilizers, games, core/balance, cardio
Set/Rep/Time Rest
FASCIAL FREEING – To be done AFTER the ME Ball Reaction Drill – throwing and catching light ball in various directions in close proximity of the wall/trainer (3 feet away) 3 x 30 sec
Lateral Hip (ASIS-PSIS Region) 20-30 secs Karioka up and back the length of a small space 3 x 30 sec
Lateral Knee (Fibula Head) 20-30 secs Warding- Standing upright w/ alternate sides lateral and reverse foot reaches 3 x 30 sec
Lateral T Spine (Ribs) 20-30 secs Lateral Karioka Touchdowns w/ half squat and reach between knees only at each end 3 x 30 sec
Anterior Ankle (Retinaculum) 20-30 secs
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