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Vitality Introduction

This program is designed to create an effective and happy body, feeding the tissues what they require for wellness and vitality. Enhanced wellness enables optimal outcomes and aspirations for the client in the form of weight loss, strength, vitality or performance.

This program can be strictly followed or adapted to fit your existing program. It is broken into three sections that enable you to optimise your training time and outcomes.

  • Movement Preparation (Warm Up) ? This is where we move the body in an enjoyable and play like fashion. Encouraging the body to move with a freedom that encourages the entirety of the tissues to be stimulated and readied for motion and force.
  • Goal Based Movement (Force) ? Once Movement Prep is completed it is time to apply challenges with various resistance to recruit the various systems of the body necessary to achieve your goals. Move within your threshold of motion and force, when you are challenging the body in unfamiliar positions its better to lift/shift lighter resistance with more rhythm and timing.
  • Movement Recovery ? Incredibly important to prepare the tissue for the next session; Breathing, Fascial freeing, Fascial Mobilization and Play are key ingredients to optimise your tissue repair and recovery.

This HYBRID program is suitable for people who like a mixture of traditional movement and functional challenges.


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