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Whole Body Vibration Introduction

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a 3 dimensional tool that can create incredibly quick changes to the human being. It provides a powerful opportunity and a more intelligent approach to feed the tissues of the human body and brain, what is necessary for it to move, heal, and feel better.

In our experience of helping people move, perform and recover, WBV has a unique ability to speed these processes whilst allowing the client to enjoy the activity at the same time. Results that would normally take hours by hand or instruction can be reduced to literally minutes in many instances.

WBV creates benefits and prompt changes to several tissues and body systems that are the focus of ODOM. These systems have been successfully enhanced combined with the ODOM philosophy and techniques.

Simply laying someone down and addressing the autonomic nervous system when you are in an overactive state can decrease high levels of stress (cortisol), you may breathe, move and feel better. It promotes a level of calmness for people who live in this very busy society. Some other observations of enhancement to specific systems are;

  • Circulatory System (blood) due to the vibration induced pumping of the blood back to the viscera and heart enhancing the filtration and flow of oxygen and nutrient delivery and the return of waste products; IMPROVES VITALITY AND DECREASES STAGNATION.
  • Lymphatic system, starting in the feet and the hands, is kick started encouraging collection of dangerous cells and waste products and pumping them to the necessary locations of the body to be excreted; DECREASES INFLAMMATION THROUGHOUT THE BODY.
  • Visceral region, allowing the organs to perform their roles optimally, seemingly recalibrating the organs to function in a more effective manner; IMPROVED WELLNESS AND VITALITY.
  • Brain, research has shown the stimulation from WBV has increased work output. In many instances clients have attended sessions in a very intense state, not ready for movement or force to be administered and within minutes of using WBV have felt more clarity, calmness and positivity; BETTER DECISION MAKING AND IMPROVED COMPOSURE.
  • Neuro-myofascial system (nerve, muscle, connective tissue and bone), which causes rhythm and timing to be restored. When searching for optimal movement, the systems of the body need to play in harmony; WBV creates the necessary force and motion for this to occur. Immobile people can now achieve positive and effective outcomes and improve their confidence in moving safely; EFFICIENCY AND QUALITY OF LIFE.
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