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89.9 Light FM Interview with Ian O’Dwyer

89.9 LightFM Interview: Ian O’Dwyer joins Craig and Jane LIVE

Ian O’Dwyer, the founder of?OD On Movement,?joined Craig and Jane live in the studio to talk about functional exercise and the importance of getting people equipped for life.

There isn’t much information about?functional training, but it can be defined as conditioning the body?for every day challenges such as picking up the kids, getting up off the floor or reaching for a cup. These actions are often outside the movement threshold but we are able to learn how to do it?safely and effectively.

Ian’s job focuses on the practical, feeding the body the missing ingredients it craves to move and feel well, and enabling clients to regain responsibility of their body?s wellbeing.?Here he not only discusses the importance of functional training but also explains the implications that can occur as a result of poor health, and also answers some listeners’ questions about their own health.

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