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One on One • Small Group • Rejuvenation
Sports Performance • Corporate

If your goal is to perform better in sport, work, home or life, if you would like to feel and move better through enjoyable challenges, if you would like to play with your kids without the risk of damaging yourself or if you would like to have a better quality of life, then OD on Movement can help you!


  • One on one;
  • One on two; or
  • One on three

Our Coaching sessions are focused on helping you achieve your goal. Our strength is to guide you through the process (whatever that may be), empowering you to make better decisions and achieve optimal outcomes. We don’t use the “F” word (fix) but instead the “C” word (change), enhancing your movement patterns and mindset.

Our environment creates the freedom to move, intensity to challenge and incentive to laugh, affecting all of the systems and tissues of the body in a positive manner.

Session length is catered to suit you, we can provide, 30, 45, 60 & 90-minute sessions.

Please ring the Studio on 07 5474 8900 or 0418 577 519 to make your appointment.

Small Group Sessions

Our group sessions are about creating an experience that replenishes both the brain and body in 45 minutes.

These sessions are client-driven (how you feel today) and focus on;

  • Reconditioning (getting tissues to perform and feel better)
  • Preconditioning (optimising movement patterns or motion)
  • Performance (challenging the hormonal systems based on where you are today!)

Performed in an air-conditioned environment that creates enjoyment and safety, we use cutting edge equipment and innovative movement patterns, to provide a positive and unique experience your body and brain requires.

View the selection of small group sessions and prices available at OD on Movement Performance Centre, to decide which best suits your needs, goals and time of the week.

Rejuvenation Session

These sessions are founded around healing, regeneration and recovery.

Our focus is to enhance the following systems of the body:

  • Lymphatic
    Increase immune strength and promote toxin disposal
  • Circulatory
    Improve oxygen and nutrient flow and prevent pooling of fluid
  • Viscera
    Recalibrate the organs for digestion and absorption
  • Fascia
    Promote improved communication to the brain
  • Autonomic Nervous System
    Reset threshold level for optimal stress performance.

We use specific OD on Movement techniques and philosophies, comprising whole-body vibration, cycloid vibration and Fascial Mobilizers to optimise tissue health. Session duration (15 or 30 mins) can be tailored to suit your time and finances and can incorporate 2 or 3 people at the same time.

Ring for more details or view prices here.

Sports Performance & Programs

Integrating health and wellbeing into an athletes program, we at OD on Movement focus on creating Athlete Longevity. It is more important than ever to eat well, move well, think well, recover well and perform well to reach optimal performance.

OD on Movement has over 30 years of experience and success in this area and has helped many elite athletes and teams achieve their optimal outcomes in various sports; AFL, Soccer, Tennis, Triathlon, Ironman, Rowing, Marathon, Athletics and Golf.

We can help with the education of your teams and empowerment of your athletes to better their own performance and get back to enjoying the sport they love.

Corporate Sessions

The power of movement to improve health, productivity and work engagement are well known. If you’re interested in a brain-stimulating break out session or you want to integrate OD on Movement sessions into your corporate health program, discuss your options with us.

OD on Movement has worked with many levels of clients; world champions, physically and intellectually impaired, Olympic athletes and Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs in optimising their longevity and performance in all aspects of their lives.

We also run online (through Skype/Zoom) or face to face (Noosa Heads) Mentorships and coaching. Please go the events page for further details.

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